Jute Non-Woven Felt

We have commissioned our fully automatic DILO needle punching line for the manufacture of Jute Non-Woven Felt. You may be are aware of the headway jute felts are making into various uses. Some of the primary uses of Jute flets are listed below:

Industrial Felts:
  • Automotive: dash consoles, foot carpet linings
  • Footwear: in sole linings
  • Heat Insulation: reducing cost of cooling and heating
  • Acoustics: sound proofing
Agriculture and Horticulture Felts:
  • Plant Protection: against frost, pests
  • Weed Control: soil covers
  • Bio-compost
  • Green covers for wall and roof
  • Plant pots: which degrades into compost
  • Soil stabilisers
  • Erosion control: in embankments
  • Canal Construction
  • In this regard, we can offer jute felts in widths up to 220 cms with thickness of 2 mm to 10 mm and weights ranging from 150 gsm to 1200 gsm.
Jute Bio pots:
  • Sustainable alternative to plastic
  • Erosion control: in embankments
  • Trains root better
  • Amongst the cheapest natural potting solution
  • Can be customised as per your requirement